Refund Policy

As a buyer, when you make a deposit or payment towards a puppy purchase, the money does NOT go to the breeder until you have received the puppy safely in your arms. The funds are then ACH transferred securely to the breeder. We at Puppy Escrow are the trusted third party in this transaction. Final Payments may also be made in cash if the buyer and breeder agree to those terms.

There will be no refunds unless a breeder fails to deliver the same live, healthy puppy they have advertised. In this case a 100% refund will be issued to the buyer. This is the ONLY exception.

 If you change your mind about purchasing a dog, then the deposit will be given to the breeder minus any fees we charge them.

Escrow Puppy is here to help provide a smooth, easy process  to buying a dog for both the breeder and the buyer.