Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Puppy Escrow’s Puppy In Arms Service Started?

Puppy Escrow was created to offer peace of mind to both sellers and buyers, the Puppy In Arms Service is an opt-in function which allows breeders (sellers) to set the required deposit amount, which buyers then pay into our third-party escrow account. Funds are only released once both parties confirm, via their Puppy Escrow Puppy In Arms account, that they are satisfied with a healthy, live delivery, and then the deposit and any additional payments can be released.

As a Breeder how do I know I will be paid?

Puppy Escrow enters a binding contract with both the breeder and the buyer, if the puppy is received by the buyer in good condition there will be no issue. The buyer will login into their account to accept delivery at the time the puppy is presented to its new owners. You will be paid as soon as your bank can process an incoming ACH.

As a Buyer how am I protected?

If you are entering a transaction on our site, then you are guaranteed that we are verifying the validity of the breeder. We will be requiring information from the breeder that you can’t get on your own. No money goes to the breeder until the puppy is in your arms. We hold deposits and any supporting payments in our bank until you verify receipt of a healthy puppy.

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